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Moving Forward

Updated: Jan 31, 2023


We’re continually, unknowingly generating our lives from the past, duplicating dynamics and patterns over and over again outside of our conscious awareness. Living limited beliefs handed to us by others who were also living from the past, unconsciously. We go to therapy, read one self-help book after another, attend lectures and seminars, and maybe learn to meditate. All wonderful tools, yet we struggle desperately trying to understand the mystery of why we continue to experience frustrating and painful relationships.

Sound familiar? I understand. I lived this same sad story for too many years. So, what is the answer?

First the question: What does the “You of the Future” look like? Please take a moment to think about this. How do you feel about the you of the future? We are so used to defining ourselves according to who we’ve been in the past, we often forget to include who we are/want to become in the future. However, studies show that in order to realize our potential in life, it’s critical to cultivate a “Possible Self.” That’s the self of the future...the self that is well enough, happy enough, healthy enough to receive the fulfillment of our dreams.

Until we have a self that is consistent with receiving our desires, we’ll covertly sabotage the fulfillment of that future. Yet once we expand our identity to receive our desires, those things begin to come to us effortlessly. They allow us to “try on” the identity of our future. The self of the future is calling you to become that version of yourself now so the potential you hold for greater happiness can come to you. Is it time for you to expand your identity and make it consistent with the future you are yearning to create? Wonderful!


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