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Susie Conklin

Your Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach

What would you let go of in order to become the best version of you?



Conscious Uncoupling is for anyone suffering with a heart that is hurting because of the loss of a love relationship.


In describing Conscious Uncoupling, Founder and Author Katherine Woodward Thomas says that the goal is not so much to have a good ending as it is to become a more conscious, caring person who is better able to love and be loved as a result of what you’ve experienced.

Conscious Uncoupling helps us to use heartbreak as an opportunity to grow, so that the next relationship we enter into can benefit from the wisdom gained as the result of that loss.

Conscious relationships are the ultimate goal.

As your Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach I will help you learn to:

  • Outgrow chronic, toxic relational patterns.

  • Discover the skills of healthy relating.

  • Stop giving our power away and then be victimized by it.

  • Become more self-aware and self-responsible everywhere.

  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for showing up as honorable, trustworthy people.

  • Learn to forgive failures, and come to value the sacredness of connection.

What is Conscious Uncoupling

You are free to choose the concept you will accept of yourself…

Therefore, you possess the power which enables you to alter the course of your future.   Metaphysicians, Neville Goddard

About Susie


Susie Conklin

Susie knows the value of needing someone in times of hurt. Once divorced and once widowed, Susie understands how the loss of relationship can touch every corner of your life and how important a right perspective is in the healing process.


Having a heart to help those in need, she helped create Full Circle Adult Day Center for the aging in Norman, Oklahoma, serving on their board for 7 years helping elderly guests live out their lives with joy and grace. She joined the Conscious Uncoupling coaching community with the hope of sharing the precious knowledge of living out your best life through responsible, healthy relationships and a future-centered perspective on life and love.  

Susie holds a BA from the University of Oklahoma.


A broken heart is an open heart

Just as you would never leave a broken leg to heal on its own, so too you want to attend to the cracks in your beautiful heart in a way that promises to make your crooked places straight again, and grow your ability to love and be loved more wisely moving forward. Every ending is the opportunity for a brand-new beginning.

As your Conscious Uncoupling Coach we will learn together to:



I will help you look to your future - not your past - to resolve your past resentments.



I will help you identify what you can do differently now - from now on.



I will help you create a wiser, more powerful you through meaningful, positive practices. 

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Susie's personality and winsome, caring nature really set the stage for a future where I could just relax and trust in others and more importantly, myself. - G



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